If you are interested in becoming a member, we strongly advise that if you have no prior potting experience you are expected to complete one of our Beginners Classes. Return membership is welcome. 

 Membership benefits

By being a member you will: 

  • receive up to 10 Club Newsletters per annum 
  • have access to facility on opening hours
  • receive discounted purchase rates for clay and firing fees
  • use of club equipment including work tables, tools, slab roller, extruder, pottery wheels, library and more.
  • participation in regular events including workshops/Events
  • access to our RPG Members Facebook group.

Visitor Pass:

If you would like to bring a non-member guest to the club for the day, or would just like to spend a day at the club, you can obtain a Visitor’s Pass for $5 per day.  We ask that all inexperienced visitors are accompanied by an existing club member at all times.

To join, read the joining guidelines and fill out the online form below.

Joining guidelines


  1. Pottery Class Attendance: We strongly recommend that individuals interested in joining our club attend our pottery class before becoming members. This will help them determine if pottery is indeed their passion and if they enjoy our club’s atmosphere. This is not mandatory but highly recommended.

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