After your lessons…

Once you’ve completed a Beginners class you most likely will sign up to be a member as you realise you LOVE working with clay!

  1. You will be assigned a member number and a Welcome Pack. 
  2. Purchase a bag of clay from our Clay Store.  It’s best to start off with the same clay you used in class as you’re already familiar with it.  We have all the basic tools available to start with, but you can start building your own tool box by purchasing tools and equipment from various pottery suppliers listed in “LINKS”.
  3. Start making stuff!  If you need to be reminded on “how to..” just ask an experienced member near you.   Everyone here at the club is friendly and would be happy to assist.  Don’t be shy.  We were all beginners once so we understand how overwhelming and “daunting” it is when you don’t have a tutor to guide you.
  4. Watch Youtube or Insta videos on pottery making and discover different making and decorating techniques…there’s so much you can do with clay!
  5.  Always remember..practice, practice and practice.  The more you do it the better you become.  

Handy Youtube videos on how to..

5 common ceramic glaze defects and how to fix them.

This is a handy video on how to apply “brush on” glazes.  Good viewing for first time glazing!

How to achieve a beautiful glaze finish by layering glazes.  This is where the “magic” happens!

Create a stunning GOLD finish!  Containing actual gold, the luster is an overglaze that is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry. It adds an elegant metallic, mirror-like finish to the work. Typically applied to glaze-fired pottery, on top of the glaze.

Not very good at drawing?  Or want a printed design all over your piece?  Try this easy and exciting tissue transfer technique!

Pulling a handle!  There are many ways to create a handle for your mug or jug, but this is the more traditional way..which some potters find difficult to do.  This video makes it look easy!

Making a Damp box.  This is a handy box to have if you want to save your pieces from drying by keeping your pieces leather hard..for quite a long time!

Cool underglaze techniques!  This video will show you a variety of colorful techniques you can use with underglaze and low-fire clay: sgraffito, inlay, transfer, painting, and maiolica.